As your local community pharmacy, we offer a wide range of services for you and your family. Each of our branch in the Store Locator section will have a different range of free primary care services on offer depending on the local NHS England and council public health commissioners. Check with the local branch to find out more.

Essential NHS Services

Dispensing & Repeat Medication

We dispense NHS and private prescriptions as fast as we can. We use the biggest wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in the UK so that you are guaranteed that your medicines and medical appliances when you need them. We stock commonly prescribed items in the area however, if we don’t happen to have them when you visit us, we always do our utmost to obtain it for you and tell you when they become available. We can even offer you a delivery service for items we need to order for you especially.

If you have repeat medication, we can help you manage your repeat prescription as part of our advance services (Please see Repeat Prescription Collection and Delivery Service). On top of this, we can advice you on your new and regular medications too.

Self-care and Health Advice

Our pharmacists and staff are professionally trained to offer safe products to help treat minor ailments at home, or even advice you to see the doctor.

We have an extensive range of over the counter medicines in our pharmacy. If you are our regular patient, we can check against your medication records to help us recommend the best treatment for your minor health problems. If you want a more discrete advice, we have consultation rooms to discuss in details your health concerns.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

We offer information regarding common health issues and publications relating to public health. We have leaflets and printable information you can request from our staff aside from the advice we are qualified to provide in areas such as healthy living, nutrition and balanced diet, and smoking cessation.

Signposting Service

It is part of our NHS obligation to help you find information and support you might need with your health. Our staff will happily point you to the right direction to get the best information and support for your condition or that of a family member.

Food Supplements & Specialised Appliances

We only sell UK-regulated food supplements over the counter. Our advice on vitamins and minerals, and herbal treatments will be in line with NHS recommendations and the professional standards that our pharmacists and staff must abide by.

For disability aids and specialised medical appliances, we can provide information and can help you obtain it through our pharmacy branches. Just come and see us.

Holiday and Travel

For your travel needs, come to us. We have the latest advice on anti-malarial treatments for travel anywhere around the world. We can also provide information relating to other vaccination requirements of your destination. We can also help with your other travel needs such as sun protection creams and accessories, insect repellants, travel sickness medicines, and emergency travel pack to cover diarrhoea and fever as well as basic first aid.

Safe Containers and Support for Disability

We dispense all medicines in child-resistant containers as per EU regulations unless if you tell us not to. This is to accommodate requirements of less abled patients. It is part of our professional standard and service ethos to help disabled patients and their carers where we can. We can even offer monitored dosage systems for those unable to comply with their medication. From time to time, we may request that you ask your doctors to provide you with the needed prescribing changes to support service requirements for a scheduled dispensing and delivery of weekly dose sets.

Disposal of Unwanted Medicines and Sharps

It is not safe to throw away unwanted medicines and medical sharps in domestic waste bins. We are able to dispose them on your behalf for public safety as long as long as you separate medical sharp devices such as needles and diagnostic lancets, and medicines for our safety. If you have plenty of used sharps at home, you may need to request your GP for sharps bin prescription or organise a direct collection from the local health authority for all your medical sharps.

Emergency Supply of Regular Medication

When you are unable to contact your doctor or get a prescription for your regular medicines on time, we might be able to help. It will be easier for us to give you an emergency supply of regular medicines if you are our regular patients. Your healthcare providers expect a certain level of personal responsibility in managing your medication so that in order to deter abuses to this service, we require doing checks with you and your doctor about your medicines, and this service will incur a charge to cover cost of medicines and professional free. Prescription charge exemptions does not apply to this service. It is a legal requirement for prescription-only medicines to be given out only on presentation of a valid prescription except for emergency supply and PGD. When emergency supply is indeed the best course of action, a charge must be made to highlight its nature as a last resort.

ADVANCED NHS Contracted Services

Prescription Collection and Free Delivery Service

If you are within 10 miles from any of our local branches, we can offer you a free repeat prescription collection and delivery service. Just fill in the form in our PRESCRIPTION SERVICES and we will start the ball rolling. We can even arrange for the delivery at your work place or a different address within our service radius.

Medicines Use Review (MUR) & Prescription Intervention Service

You may need more information about your regular medications, and we are here to help you. If you have been taking your medicines for 3 months or more, with this service we can see you as the patient and discuss in detail what your medicines are for and how best to take them. We can even review and demonstrate how to use certain medical device or appliance that go with your medication to make the most of your treatment. We can also do a prescription intervention service if we think there are safety concerns with your medication based on interactions flagged by our sophisticated patient medication record system, or with our knowledge of your personal difficulties as a care-dependent patient.

New Medicines Service (NMS)

Much like the MUR, this service is designed to help patients comply with their medication. This service is particularly useful for patients with a complex set of regular medicines already and/or patients newly diagnosed with health conditions that require maintenance medication such as asthma and diabetes. The service aims to ease the effects of changes to (or additional) medication and ensure that the patient knows how to adhere to new medication regime with regards to chronic conditions.

Enhanced and Locally-Commissioned Services

These services vary between our different branches as enhanced and locally-commissioned services depend on the local health commissioning board’s public health directives and the local council’s commissioning priorities. It is best to refer to our branch locator information for guidance, or simply contact the nearest Wellbeing Pharmacy to speak to our pharmacist. The list below are not exhaustive but serves as a guide to what certain services constitute and its basic objectives.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Please contact your local branch whether this service is available. Be aware that in some health commissioning areas, this service is only free for patients below 24 years old.

Supervised Administration/Consumption of Prescribed Medicines

Pertains to the supervision of the consumption of substitute medications prescribed (under NHS prescriptions) to those who have drug-related problems, including dependent opiod users as well as those who present with additional polydrug use or concurrent use of, for example, benzodiazepines. Please contact your local Wellbeing pharmacy to enquire about using this service with us. Each local commissioning authority willrequire patients to sign a contract of compliance and monitoring.

Palliative Care

Some of our branches have been specifically commissioned to provide palliative care support on-demand in addition to essential dispensing services of palliative care medication. This means that we stock specifically identified palliative care Controlled Drugs, or specialist medicines and offer advice to other healthcare professionals and carers in this area of care.

Smoking Cessation

Part of the government’s effort to improve the health of the public is to support the general population changing lifestyle such as stopping smoking.

This service constitutes counselling and supply of niquitin replacement treatments the range of which is determined by the local commissioning details.

For NHS prescription charge exempt patients, this service is free. For NHS paying patients, the service incurs a one-time prescription charge at first consultation and supply subject to local commissioning contracts.

Patient Group Direction Service (PGDs)

Certain prescription-only-medicines (POM) can be supplied by pharmacists after additional qualification or training, and upon commissioning by the local health commissioning board or local authority. This service is aimed specifically at specific patient groups or conditions. Examples of medicines supplied under PGD are those for: Cystitis, Asthma, and Sexually Transmitted Infection specifically Chlamydia, Erectile dysfunction, and seasonal flu vaccinations etc. Please check with your local Wellbeing Pharmacy whether they supply these treatments under this service umbrella.

PGD service are not automatically free except when it is a public health concern such as Chlamydia.

Diagnostics and Screening

There are screening programmes such as for chlamydia, bowel cancer, and diabetes that are commissioned or sponsored by local authorities, the Department of Health and other affiliated health charities. There is normally a national or local campaign that goes with this service.