FAQ Prescription Services

Do you offer prescription services?

Yes, we offer prescription services, including NHS and private prescriptions. For more information, go the appropriate page.

Who is responsible for processing my prescription?

All medicines dispensed or sold by us are supervised by a pharmacist who is registered by the UK General Pharmaceutical Council. The team of pharmacy staff and others handling your medication and working alongside our pharmacists are professionally trained to ensure customer and patient safety.

Is it safe to buy medication online from you?

Yes, we are a registered company in the UK. Our pharmacy premises are regulated by the UK General Pharmaceutical Council which require that all our suppliers are UK registered and complies with the wholesaler requirements of the UK Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Prescription and related services are monitored by the NHS Local Commissioning Boards (formerly known as PCT). We comply with all UK and/or EU trading rules on all products, and manage data within the UK Data Protection Acts and the NHS Code of Confidentiality.

Am I exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions?

You can get free NHS prescriptions if at the time of dispensing, you are:

A. Under 16 years of age
None, if age or DOB is printed on the front of the prescription

B. 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education
Letter from school or college or documents showing payment of child benefit or family tax credit

C. 60 years of age or over
None, if age or DOB is printed on the front of the prescription

D. Has a maternity exemption certificate Photocopy of form FP92 or FP96
E. Has a medical exemption certificate Photocopy of form FP92 or FP96
F. Has a prescription prepayment certificate Photocopy of form FP92 or FP96
G. Has a War Pension exemption certificate Photocopy of War Pensions Agency Certificate
H. Is named on a current HC2 charges certificate Photocopy of HC2 Charges Certificate
I. Gets income support (IS)
J. Gets Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA (IB))
K. Is entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate Photocopy of Working Families’ or Disabled Person’s Tax Credit Exemption Certificate
L. Has a partner who gets Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) Photocopy of partner’s pension book, letter or bank statement showing payment from Department of Work and Pensions

What are Prescription Prepayment Certificates?

If you are not entitled to free prescriptions and has four or more prescription items to pay every month, a Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC) may save you money. More information about PPC here.