We are a growing company so from time to time, we have opportunities of employment or work experience. Our main criteria for bringing people on board with us are simple.


Being in the healthcare sector, we need people with genuine caring attitude to others especially to our patients and customers, as well as our entire team. Again your previous work and other involvements will demonstrate this on paper. We can also test this during your probationary period if you are lucky enough to get that far in our selection process.


This is where we estimate your propensity for hard work. This can also be determined by your employment or community work history. Sometimes, we find this out during the interview process or even so in your probationary period with us.


We will look at your competence based on your current and past educational or other formal training qualification(s), experiences and your employment background. For some roles, we will simply look at what you have done before either academically or in the community such as volunteering to understand how you tick.


Some roles within Wellbeing will require someone with the drive and determination to succeed. Managerial roles for instance require an entrepreneurial individual with either a proven talent for adding value into a business process and achieving growth measured through the bottom line. Or possessing demonstrable skills in working with people and meeting targets, and most of all understanding our business model in order to contribute to our success.


As much as we are a very inclusive organisation, most of our patients and colleagues will need to understand and work with you in the common language of British English. It is part of our service ethos to be clear to our customers, be able to listen to provide appropriate advice, and communicate effectively to everyone including your work colleagues and other health care professionals.


We are an equal opportunities employer, however, in compliance to UK Border Agency’s regulations on employment, we require all applicants who are invited for interview to bring with them the original copy of their passport or driver’s license so we can obtain a copy for our own records. Except for clinical roles (Pre-registration and Pharmacist), we cannot assist applicants with advice or administration of work permits.


We sometimes need pharmacist(s) for a permanent position or under a locum pay arrangement but with a managerial role covered under a Contractual Undertaking. Of course this will attract a higher payment compared to normal locum rates. If you want to be considered for such role, please fill in the submission form below indicating accordingly your interest.

For locum work, we have our own pool of relief pharmacists but sometimes we may need emergency covers. We will be glad if you can provide us your details below so we can contact you for these opportunities.


From October 2013, all our branches will have pharmacists with qualified tutors or mentors able to supervise and facilitate the learning of pre-registration pharmacists. If you are in your final year at university, we would be interested to hear from you.


We are always interested to hear from people keen to join us. If you are a qualified Pharmacy Technician or currently undergoing training as a Dispensary Assistant, and would like to join our dynamic organisation, do not hesitate to leave us your details. We will keep your file on hand for when need new staff. However, please let us know when you don’t want us to contact you anymore.

For roles in Administration or Delivery (as driver), we currently do not accept speculative applications. Any submissions requiring these positions will only be managed if a vacancy had been posted. Otherwise, your submission will be deleted accordingly.


Every year, we also offer summer placements for volunteers who would like to experience working in the pharmacy. This is a volunteering scheme so you will not be remunerated for your time with us but you will benefit with our time and effort ensuring that you have a fulfilling learning experience with us. If you are an undergraduate pharmacy student, or a school leaver who want to consider training to become a pharmacy technician, this is definitely worth a try.



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When you are about to be part of our team, you will be required to sign an undertaking committing yourself to our SERVICE ETHOS that expresses our desire to serve our customers and patients to our best ability, as well as ensure that we provide equal rights and opportunities within a diverse organisation.


That the service you provide follows the NHS service standards as a minimum and showing more by allowing for flexibility and compassion to those who need your utmost attention at a time of need. At times this will require going beyond your hours of work or making sure you have expressed your concerns to other health care professionals to help someone in need of health care .


Wellbeing (United Kingdom) Limited is committed to the promotion of equal rights and opportunity of employment regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, creed, colour, race, nationality, or ethnic origins; and as such, it is your duty to uphold this commitment


For the purpose of providing the best possible service within the bounds of UK and/or EU Laws, you are expected to follow the Standard Operating Procedures of the branch of Wellbeing (United Kingdom) Limited. In the same merit, it is your professional responsibility to practice within the standards set by the UK General Pharmaceutical Council and to adhere to the contractual obligations of the pharmacy practice you are working in by virtue of the service requirements.